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I'm looking to upgrade to my first carbon frame bike, with a budget around the £1k mark. The bikes that really catch my eye are the Ribble Sportive Bianco (impressed by the reviews), and the Boardman Team Carbon (likewise good reviews), plus to a slightly lesser extent, the Planet X SL Pro Carbon.

I've trawled through the relevant threads on this website and read the varying issues about buying a bike online without testing it first, and I can see the point entirely. The problem is that none of the bike shops in my area or for quite a distance around stock anything with the spec of the Ribble or Planet X for that sort of price.

Has anyone else bought online without a test and loved / regretted their choice? What were the processes you went through prior to choosing (eg getting correct geometry)? What has been your experience of after sales service?

On the Boardman front - I love the design but have heard they can be a harsh ride and so not so suited to longer rides (70+ miles). Again, the reviews suggest the Ribble is very comfortable for long rides. Any comments?


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    Why not get a professional fit on your current bike - you should hopefully be able to transfer the settings on your current bike to the new one - assuming the geometry allows it.

    I did buy a Ribble (Gran Fondo) but I knew the fit would work as the geometry was much the same as that of my posh bike which I was fitted for. That was the main reason I specifically chose the Gran Fondo; the Sportive Racing wouldn't have been such a good fit. I don't think I would have had the confidence to buy it without that foreknowledge.
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    If you get a bike fit... most of the mentioned should be able to give you the correct size.

    I got a bike fit at Bike Science and now have a PDF of my measurements, which apparently are universal between fittings, and any supplier can use for supplying the correct size.