The dreaded 'what tyre' question!

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Some advice pelase!

Firstly, I come from a MTB background so my road/cx knowledge is pretty slim!

Recently I bought a Giant CX bike off a friend for the commute to/from work, which is a 50 mile round trip with a maximum two mile gravel track section. The rest is on tarmac. I also use it as a training bike.

The bike is currently fitted with Michelin mud CX tyres which I am looking to replace with something which will roll a bit faster, although to be honest compared to MTB tyres these roll pretty well. The Michelins are, I think, 32c wide.

Price-wise I don't want to spend any more than £50 for the pair, and don't really want anything that weighs a ton!

I have seen Continental Grand Prix on CRC for £23 each which look good (wire bead, 28c) but nit sure how they will be on the damp/wet tarmac and on gravel. Anyone have any experience of these?

I have also seen some Schwalbe Marathon Racers (folding, 30c) for £25 each. These look as though they will shed water fine and should be OK on the gravel track sections. The only concern I have is the weight. Again, anyone have any experience of these?

As mentioned I will also be using it as a training bike as well as a commute bike so am after something versatile. I don't intend taking it properly off road (that is what the MTB is for), the most it will see is canal towpath-type track. With that in mind what would you recommend?

Thanks in advance for the help!