wheels budget of £600

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Some more wheel questions, firstly I am 100kg currently but will be dropping down to 80kg again, currently awaiting knee surgery, in addition the wheel set on the bike at the moment is the Shimano R500.

I am looking at £600 being the top end of the price range. I am after stiff and light wheels.

what wheel sets would you recommend?
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  • tenor
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    Factory wheels; Campagnolo Neutron or Euros Light, stiff and comfortable (more so the Neutron)

    Handbuilts; you can get a fantastic set of handbuilt wheels for this budget. Speak to Harry Rowlands or Pete Matthews for recommendations that suit your wheight and riding style.
    Also before you do anything, visit www.wheelsmith.co.uk for guidance, options and inspiration/
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    Why buy new wheels if you are waiting for knee surgery? Why not wait until after the surgery and you have fully recovered? Some recovery can take 3 months (or even longer) with a lot of time spent on the turbo doing small chunks of light spinning for 20 minutes so any old wheels will dofor that.

    When you are fighting fit, you can look at wheels again (may be using the search feature) and that will be the nice carrot to keep you going when the turbo stuff gets boring (which it will).
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    I am just shopping about at the moment, I got to wait till may/june for the surgery... the shopping about is keeping me going while i am getting annoyed at waiting for it....

    The American Classic 420 aero 3"s look amazing, I am leaning towards Clinchers as I just dont trust myself with tubs :oops:
    FCN: 5/6 Fixed Gear (quite rapid) in normal clothes and clips :D

    Cannondale CAAD9 / Mongoose Maurice (heavily modified)
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    You might also want to consider the Shimano CL7850s. I haven't tried them but they get a lot of mentions on here. I have the RS80s and they are plenty good enough for me at half the price.

    Here's a couple of links:

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=25007

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    Skippy2309 wrote:
    I am 100kg ..... I am after stiff and light wheels ...

    hand built:

    Hope Pro3 hubs
    Sapim CX-Ray spokes
    DT alloy nipples
    Mavic Open Pros 32,28 rims

    No need to spend more, unless you feel despearate to blow £600 on over engineered "showroom / cappuccino" wheels that won't make any difference to your riding (av speeds).
  • For the outsiders choice, have a look at the HED Ardennes range.
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    If you will achieve your weight reduction target before returning to the saddle, by the time you are ready to buy, it may be possible to buy the 7900 cl24's which hit the uk market a couple of months back.

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    +1 for Shimano 7850CL's. Light, strong and roll beautifully...
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    Have another one for the cl24s, really great light wheels.

    I ride the crap out of mine and they have stood up to everything including a 20+mph head on crash.

    Def getting another pair when i kill them.
  • +1 for CL7850's.....great zippy wheels uphill!
    Summer - Dolan Tuono with Sram Force and Dura-Ace 7850 CL Carbon wheels
    Winter - old faithful Ribble winter bike
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    HED Ardennes stallion build. At your weight will give you more tyre surface as well.
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