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Carrera Cabon, Speccy, Cube AMS................or other???

spannazspannaz Posts: 4
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Hi, hoping someone can give me some unbiased opinions here.
Currently have a 2005 Speccy Hardrock Pro disc, got it for a song a few years ago and has been looked after, but was wandering around Halfords and came across a Carrera Titan Carbon HT for £999, pretty decent spec etc, and this got me wanting a new ride.
So spoke to work about C2W scheme etc, then checked LBS who chucked in the option of addy money to it and getting a 2010 Cube AMS Comp for £1200, or sticking to the £1000 budget and opting for a Speccy Rockhopper or a Cube LTD.
I don't know much about Cube, or how they perform, but would like advice on if paying the extra for a Fully susser over a HT is worth it.
I thought a full susser would be heavy, but at 12kgs the Cube is some 3 kgs lighter than my HT and only 1kg heavier than the Carbon Carrera HT!
Or...................should i look at something else. I am not into massive off roading, as i am 38 and have 3 kids, but do get to do the odd spin around Bedgebury etc


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Minor technicality with adding money - the bike is not yours, it belongs to your employer. So if you leave or something goes wrong, you could lose your cash. In terms of the scheme you can't actually pay extra.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The ams comp is 12.7kg without pedals. All your choices are good bikes, can you try them?
  • spannazspannaz Posts: 4
    well no, as to trying them. Halfords can get one in IF i order it. They are no longer selling them and all have to be made up.
    I think the spec on the cube kinda forces the Speccy out of the picture, but leaves an opening for either the Cube LTD Rce @£1099 or the AMS Comp @ £1200.
    The point about ownership is a valid one, but i've known the owner for many years and I am highly unlikely to leave and they're not interested in a final payment. We are only a small company so it's very friendly.

    I know very little about the current 'specs' of components, hence the search for more 'knowledgable' input
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Personally I would I get the Carrera. Light, good frame, decent parts. And cheapest.
  • I can't comment on the Carrera but I have a Cube AMS 125 and love it to bits. Its my 1st Full Suspension bike and I use it for everything (even commuting to work along the roads)
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