Slipping Chain

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Cleaned and and lubed my winter bike ready to put it up for the summer. I put a new chain on it and got the gears shifting smooth etc. With todays rain i rode it to work and am finding the chain slipping. On the work stand the gears shift ok so what would be my next course of action. The cassette is only a couple of years old and althoughit has had some hammer these winter months it should still be ok shouldnt it ?

Any advise appreciated . . . Thanks


  • Mister W
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    You can sometimes get away with changing just the chain if there is only a small amount of wear but the symptoms you describe are a classic sign of a new chain with an excessively worn cassette. I suggest you change the cassette and see if it resolves the problem.
  • Valy
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    Only two yeas old? Jesus - I went through a cassette and chain from late December-March!

    (It was at 0.75, but after changing the chain, it would skip.. so new cassette too)

    Sounds like a new cassette is needed in your case.