Shimano question

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Hi folks,

Being a Campag man, I'm needing to seek advice for a mate.
He has a full Dura Ace (circa 2002) on his bike and is thinking about putting on a compact for a trip to the Pyrenees in a few months time.

I'm guessing all that's needed is the chainset and bottom bracket to match?

Would the front mech from that year be ok with a new chainset and BB?

Any advice welcome.


  • It should be fine. He should just have to lower the front mech, adjust the cable, and perhaps shorten the chain if there is too much slack.

    I did the same thing on my brother's bike with 105 components and it worked just fine for him.
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    Ive just done this to my on bike all i had to do was lower the front mech and adjust the cable ever so slightly.
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    Thanks :)