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So I need a new bike. Recent bike history not so good. Had a Scott CR1, which I liked. That was stolen. Replaced it with a Cannondale CAAD9 last year, which I liked even more. That was stolen too. Both bikes were insured, so neither theft was a disaster. Doesn't do wonders for the premium though!

Anyway, I need a new bike now and once I hear back from the insurers I'll hopefully have a bit to play with. Catch is that I could do with the extra cash at the moment, so I'm thinking of downgrading to something around the £500 mark and pocketing the difference (though I could be persuaded to go over for the right bike).

So yes: 1) recommendations in this price bracket? and 2) how much of a drop off in performance would I be looking at from my CAAD9?


  • If you can stretch your budget a little ribble 7005 race @ £679 or canyon roadlite 5.0 @ £799 are good value. Have canyon myself as winter/commuting etc decent ride not too harsh for a german alu bike+ good equipment for the money.
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    how about a ribble winter bike, even if you buy a better bike later down the line there will still be a place for it and the mudguards should put the tea leafs off.
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    What about second hand?