can't fit gear cable to LH 5600 sti

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I just bought a second hand 105 5600 groupset, but the LH shifter seems to be set up to change only from "middle" to "high" chaining as it is set to work as double and not triple (I understand these shifters can be used as either).
This means I cannot fit the gear cable as the cable guide does not go round enough to expose to the stop.
Does anyone know how to fit the gear cable?


  • sungod
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    do you know the exact shifter model number?

    according to at least one model is dedicated double (i.e. st-5601), not dual-use double/triple
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  • lucasf09
    lucasf09 Posts: 160
    yes, st 5600.
    I managed to force the nipple holder into view, and managed to set it up on my bike, but its still acting a but funny.
    I need to go a cycle workshop this week to install the rest of the groupset (don't have the necessary tools at home), so gonna get the guy that helps out there to have a look at it, and if not go banging on the door of the guy that sold it me :p
  • sungod
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    ok, that's double/triple compatible

    have you looked at the installation instructions for it on the techdocs site? might shed some light... ... 599858.pdf

    otherwise it might be dodgy, a year or so ago i think there were quite a few people posting of problems with the 105 left shifters
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