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It's a mate's 40th birthday in a couple of weeks and his wife has asked me to research a GPS enabled sports [b]watch [/b]for him. I've been told that a friend of his has a Garmin that he uses for skiing and cycling that has rudimentary mapping, as well as the GPS functions of speed/distance etc, and the heart rate function. I've searched, but cannot find a Garmin watch that has a mapping facility of any kind. I know have some basic navigation features (i.e. an arrow pointing you in the correct direction) and a compass, but it's the mapping feature which is stumping me at the moment.
Anyone out there know of something that will do all of the above, Garmin or otherwise?
Thanks for your help.[/u][/i]
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    The FR 305/305/310xt have what you'd call rudimentary mapping. Its basically useless, but it does allow you to follow a breadcrumb trail.

    I have a FR310xt that I use mostly on the bike and it's great as a training tool (even get power from my PowerTap with it). But I wouldn't use it for navigation.
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    I've used my FR305 for navigation a couple of times.

    Not ideal, but it does work.
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  • Thanks people. Gives me an idea at the level I should be looking at/price bracket
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