kuota kharma 2009 XL

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Just wondering if bikes I've owned/ridden are 56cm will the Kuota Kharma XL be about the correct size as I know someone selling one and am thinking of buying the frame.



  • glasgowbhoy
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    56cm will be about Large in the Kharma
    I'm 178cm 31" inside leg and the Large is a good fit for me
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    Comparing a 56cm Caad9 and an XL Kharma - the Kharma has a 1cm longer top tube so a 1cm shorter stem than usual would be needed. Also the Kharma's seat-tube is about 35 - 40mm longer so less seat-post showing, combined with 30mm more headtube potentially could look silly if you're too small (saddle lower than bars).

    If that means a ridiculously short stem (less than 100mm) or no seatpost at all then don't buy it.

    How tall are you? I wouldn'y get it if you're any less than 6ft. Even then it might be pushing it.
  • freehub
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    Sounds far too big then.

    I'm 5ft 11.
  • Anonymous
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    I'd ride an xl and I'm 6'2". Id definitely go large. Whatever you do, don't get tempted into buying a frame that's the wrong size purely because it's cheap.
  • danowat
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    Definately agree, I ride an XL Kharma, and even at 6ft 3, its a bit of a stretch will the stock stem.
  • kingrollo
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    5 9 ride a medium kharma - your choice sadly sounds to big.