Comfortable budget bar tape - recommendations?

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As in title, looking for something comfortable but under £20 to replace the OE white tape on my Cube Agree which turned black when my chain broke!

Many thanks.
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  • Harry182
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    I bought some white BBB Race Ribbon handlebar tape on ebay from Absolute Cycles for less than £6 delivered - imho decent quality and comfort, and definitely budget. Don't know how long it'll stay white though. (Then again, for your budget you could buy 3 packs and retape when it gets too dirty.)
  • Harry182
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    ... and it looks okay too:

  • avoidingmyphd
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    sub 20 isn't really that "budget".
    anyway, I like cinelli cork gel: comfortable, fairly durable looks good, easy to fit. it's 12 quid ish everywhere.
  • kfinlay
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    Deda tape is only about £7 and has a plasticy finish so wipes clean otherwise buy Fizik Microtex and put on over your old tape - stays white and the padding from your old tape makes it more comfortable as it's pretty thin.

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  • VintageGt
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    Cinelli Gel Cork is superb I think. Not expensive, comfortable, grippy wet or dry and fairly hard wearing under normal use. I always use it.