Stem and bar options for a 1" steerer

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I'm trying to assess my cockpit options for a Colnago C40 which has a 1" steerer, or do I just buy a 1.125" stem and shim it?


  • Anonymous
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    Scour eBay as you may be able to pick one up for a song, otherwise just shim it...
  • craker
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    I think stems tend to be made for 1.125" steerers and come with shims. I don't think you'd notice the difference tbh.
  • caw35slr
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    Any thoughts on aesthetic correctness here...?
  • FransJacques
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    There are tons of shims out there. I have a 2002 Giant TCR with a 1" and I shim a 1.125" stem. No issues.

    Use the latest/most modern stem you like.

    Of course, if you're looking for a 130mm ITM Millenium 26.0, let me know :-) I just might have one for sale.
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