Campag Vento Reaction wheels

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Has anyone got any experience of / opinions on these wheels? I like the look of them and was wondering whether it would be worth replacing the standard wheels on my 2010 Bianchi C2C Veloce (Fac Michelin Racing hubs/Ambrosio WS 23 rims) with a set of them.


  • The Ors
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    I was thinking about doing the same (as mine are buckled after being knocked off last year).

    Will the rear cassette (Fac Michelin Primato 12-25 10V) swap straight over?

  • mamiljock
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    i have the same bike and looking to change wheels also - reviews i have seen on the net say that it is very hard to fit tyres over thes rims but don't have personal experience
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  • father_jack
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    Nice wheels, got a pair for £115 a bit ago.
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
  • The Ors
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    Sorry to drag up this old post but I have just got my wheels & thought I'd post up a pic.

    I'm very pleased with them; tyres (Conti GP4000S) fit easily, cassette swapped over no problem & each wheel/tyre combo is about 200g lighter.

    Rode it yesterday & it felt more responsive than before; although it is nearly a year since I last rode the bike & I've been using my MTB, so that might've clouded my judgement.

  • rolf_f
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    I have some - they are fine. That said, they don't seem noticeably different/lighter to the Khamsins my bike came with.

    I weighed the front wheel of a mates Bianchi C2C Sora - that came in at 3.2 lbs for the whole lot inc tyre. The front Vento with Schwalbe Durano was 2.9 lbs (the Khamsin with crappy new bike tyre was 3.3 lbs.

    I am happy enough with them (for the same price Father Jack got them for) but I doubt they will make any difference to your ride aside from in appearance! I use them as summer commute wheels with the Khamsins for winter.

    If you want to make a difference, save up for some Neutrons. They are very light for the money and excellent. They do make a difference.

    As for the tyres - I holed the sidewall of the one of the crap tyres the bike came with (rigid bead jobby). Proper tyres (eg Schwalbe Ultremo, Durano) are a bit harder but I can still put them back on without using tyre levers.
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