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portonporton Posts: 40
edited March 2011 in MTB beginners
Hi ,

I have got this friday off work and thought I would treat myself to 1-2-1 skills training at Llandegla. Called One Planet Adventure and they advised that half day (3hours) would be £150.00. Does that seem expensive to everyone else ? are there any other places near to North Wales offering similar on a weekday ?

Thanks in advance


  • mak3mmak3m Posts: 1,469
    £50 an hour id want naked ladies teaching me to bunnyhop for that

    dont know of an alternative but for that price i would have thought it would be a full day
  • portonporton Posts: 40
    Full Day was £250.00
  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    £60 per day with GMB - small group courses
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  • portonporton Posts: 40
    Courses look great Nonnac85 but a little too far from Wrexham for this week :-(
  • jpennojpenno Posts: 51
    There is Tracs @ Delamere forest £100 according to web page, not used them but saw their advert whilst there last weekend
  • portonporton Posts: 40
    Thanks I wil check them out.

    Seems more reasonably priced than One Planet at Llandegla
  • any bike course that costs more than £25 a hour is over priced...driving lessons cost that and i get to drive a bloody car ....

    then theirs the rip off £60+for a test grrr ripp off.

    thank god i passed quickly
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  • popstarpopstar Posts: 1,392
    I've paid £180 for 4 hours 1-2-1 tuition at UKbikeskills with Jedi. Top value!
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    I'll choose not put too much stake into someone's opinion who is admittingly terrible though
  • theshrewtheshrew Posts: 169
    porton wrote:
    Thanks I wil check them out.

    Seems more reasonably priced than One Planet at Llandegla

    Yes a lot better price


    I wouldnt go for one at Delamere mate. I do most of my riding there as its 5 min from my house. I cant say there is much for anyone to learn if your looking to improve your skills. Im only a noob mate and nothing at delamere is challenging its mainly fire road and a bit of a 4x track

    Llandegla has lots more to offer in terms of terrain climbs, drop offs, jumps, berms, etc.

    If i was to do a course i would want to do one at a place that had something to offer and is bike oriantated rather than just a forest that people go to ride around.
  • portonporton Posts: 40
    Booked it at Llandegla.

    Decided to treat myself, just hope its worth it :-)

    Thanks for all the advice
  • theshrewtheshrew Posts: 169
    Let us no how it goes mate i might have a bash at one
  • AtzAtz Posts: 1,383
    Just for anyone else who finds this thread. I'd wholeheartedly agree with popstar. I went with a friend to UKBikeSkills and was very happy with the value of the course. Sure it's not "cheap" but Jedi was great with both of us and it's given me the tools to unlock the next step in my riding. Simple things combined are really helping me carry speed with more confidence on trails I know regularly
  • portonporton Posts: 40
    Had great day with instructor (Paul PJ) very patient very clear and succinct and top bloke . I have learnt so much about posture, approach and general riding to take me to next level.

    Only problem is that I have realised I need more tuition very soon :-)

    Great day & well worth the cash
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