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Newb Lube

mak3mmak3m Posts: 1,469
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well its been at least 48 hours since i asked a nub question so.....

ive always used wet lube, but was getting sick of the grey paste, and had gradually decreased the amount i was using to the point i would just wave the open bottle within a metre of the chain.

so i got myself some dry lube super plus teflon added finishline dry

now with wet lube its quite viscouse but this dry stuff is very watery, so you have to splash a fair bit on to get it worked into the chain.

now as i used to with the wet lube after i worked it in i went back over the chain and removed any excess, tbh the chain looks great will ride it out and see how it handles my mix of dry dust and sloppy warwickshire mud

so the nub question is:

is dry lube a lot less viscouse than wet, ie wet lube was like a traditional lubing oil, or have i got a duff bottle

lol hope that ramble kind of makes sence :D


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    Sounds fine. Just put it on the inside of the links, some will drip off, but leave it for a while before you ride and the stuff that's left will 'set'.
    It is less gloopy.
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