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Help with new bike choice

ripplemanrippleman Posts: 27
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Hi Guys,

Been away from biking for about 15 years or so now (found bikes with engines could be more useful!) and now im getting a little wider around the middle so the shiny penis extension is going in exchange for something i can have some fun and exercise on

My dilema is, i used to have a Kona FIre Mountain (15 years ago) with some 1st gen Rock Shok Judy's on, most of the groupset had been upgraded to Deore kit (which used to be top of the range and isnt any more i'm told) but now everything has moved on so far i am getting a little lost with what to spend my monies on

My budget is around £750 which i could stretch further if i waited a little longer. Want a hardtail for some road riding and a good thrash through the woods on a weekend

I have been looking around at local shops and seem to be getting pushed towards either

Cannondale Trail SL3 @ £750
Diamondback Response Comp @ £650

the problems are, from what i can gather on the net, the forks on the Cannondale are... lets say, plop. And that the Diamondback is not a good frame

any advice on what i should be putting my money towards? Are there any bikes you could recommend that fall in my price bracket

many thanks

oh and ps... anyone want a 58 plate Kawasaki ZX-6R? :D


  • ripplemanrippleman Posts: 27
    and ive just noticed the buying advice thread above this one so if a moderator wants to move it to the correct place... :oops:
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    Std forum response take a look at Boardman range at Halfords.
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  • ripplemanrippleman Posts: 27
    cooldad wrote:
    Std forum response take a look at Boardman range at Halfords.


    will people not point and laugh at my "ford popular plus" mtb?
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    Great bike for the price. No one who knows their bikes will laugh. Who gives a censored what idiots think? Buy a bike for you, not random strangers.
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    There is no secret ingredient - Kung Fu Panda

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  • mak3mmak3m Posts: 1,469
    the 2011 boardmans are very nicely kitted out and they look good to boot
  • ripplemanrippleman Posts: 27
    Ok, so the two that fall around my price range are...

    Boardman Mountain Bike Pro Large 2010 @ £849 (reduced from 999)

    Boardman Mountain Bike Comp @ £650

    is it worth the extra £200 for the Pro version?

    are the Suntour forks going to last as long as the Rock Shox as i could do without having to spend another £x00 on a new set of forks within a year

    where is the rest of the cash going on the Pro version and am i going to notice the extra bucks spent?
  • bails87bails87 Posts: 13,317
    The 2010 Pro is definitely worth the stretch. I've got an 08 Pro, which is practically the same. Basically, everything is better than on the Comp. Gears, forks, brakes, wheels, finishing kit! If you can get one (big 'if') then go for it. If not....well, I don't know much about the spec of the new Boardman Comp so I can't make a specific comment, but I should imagine it'll be the best specced bike for the money.

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  • I started mountain biking 6 weeks ago and got the GT Avlanche 1.0. It's a great bike with a good spec of kit on it and in the price range you are talking about. The only downside is the Tektro brakes - if anything goes wrong with them finding replacement parts can be a bit of a nightmare.
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  • does anybody like the hardrock pro disc
  • I got back into it last year after a few years off, got myself a 2009 Cube Acid and really love it. I think they are about the £700 mark this year.
    I looked at Boardmans as they are undoubtedly good value but felt cube bikes looked a bit flasher, all down to personal preference i suppose.
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  • ripplemanrippleman Posts: 27
    well i went and put some money down today....

    bought a Giant Talon 0 2011

    i spent some time riding a few things this weekend and i felt that this was just right for me. I went over my budget a little but saved £150 on the shop price as it was shop soiled (small scratch on handlebars and on bottom of forks but no more than a small fall would do)

    cant wait to pay the last little bit and pick it up this week sometime

    see you in the woods! :D
  • Richtea70Richtea70 Posts: 107
    NIce bike :D
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