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Returning to the Saddle - Need Esher or near by Club!

gfreshgfresh Posts: 745
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So with a list of excuses as long as my arm firmly put to bed (hip replacement, fatherhood, house moving, laziness blah blah) I have taken the first steps to getting back on my bike properly in 4 years. I have been tentatively wheeling out to the Surrey Hills and in and around Esher for the last few weekends and I am suffering from an increasing sense of lonliness as I come across well drilled teams of ladies and gents sharing banter and the burden! Some years ago i rode out occasionally with Addiscome which was very enjoyable. I now live in Esher so am interested in any club / group that has a weekend run nearby or passes through Esher sand-down park on a Sat or Sunday. My present build is somewhere between James Corden and Ricky Gervais (pre personal trainer) so my standard is rubbish and I need a group accordingly!

any suggestion would be most helpful.



PS. I was amazed that after about 5 years I still had an account here, im so old i think the Forum was called something else!
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