Will a carbon seatpost do much dampening?

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I ride a BMC Streetfire SSX 2010 which is a bit of a hard ride on the pot-holed roads of Surrey so I'm looking for any ways to soften the ride.

It's an ali frame with carbon front fork, and was wondering if a carbon seatpost would make a significant difference to dampen the bumps?


  • dennisn
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    Won't help a bit. Try wider tires and a bit less pressure.
  • pastey_boy
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    carbon posts do make a big difference to comfort if you have enough post showing. the same applies to titanium posts. i used the same model ti post on both my road and mtb bikes, on my mtb the post was extended to nearly 300mm and it ironed out the bumps superbly but on my road bike i only have a few inches on show and the post felt a lot stiffer, although the carbon post i ran before the ti post was comfier at the same length. both are comfier than the ritchey alloy post i tried. results will differ with different makes of posts and saddle position.
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  • sungod
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    carbon posts can be a bit more comfy - fizik cyrano carbon definitely has a bit more give than the alloy one, but, in this case, it isn't a massive difference, just enough to take out some road buzz with a stiff frame

    as above fatter tyres will let you run at lower pressure, which will provide a smoother ride

    otherwise stand up on the lumpy bits!
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  • JohnnyAllez
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    Specialized carbon post with the elastomer damper makes a difference.
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  • cougie
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    What tyres and PSI do you ride ?
    How much post showing ?
  • bikergirl17
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    i went to the high end ritchey carbon from a wcs alloy one, and felt a marginal benefit. am happy with the switch, more so because the seat clamp was making a horrid noise. have very little seat post showing and run 110+ psi on conti grand prix 4000.

    i don't think *anything* will help with the surrey back lanes other than repaving!