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Hi All,

I very much need your urgent help!! My girlfriend has currently just arrived in Australia to start her London 2012 Olympic selection campaign. Unfortunately with my girlfriend being a little to eager to get everything packed for Oz she forgot to pack the moon shaped spacer that sits between the handlebar and the stem clamp on the new LOOK 695. Do any of you have solutions to get the bike up and running without this spacer??? She races on Sunday and obviously needs to use the bike as soon as possible in order to train and prepare for the race.

My girlfirend is a LOOK sponsored rider, I have emailed the head of LOOK Bicycles Europe but no reply as of yet. I have emailed several bike shops in and around Noosa, Austraila regarding the issue but as they are 11 hours ahead it is very early hours for them and I do not expect a reply any time soon. I do not think it is a part that many shops will have in stock, if at all so there for I need as much help as I can on the matter. It is so vital that the bike is up and running as soon as possible but I am struggling to find ways in which it can be done. I am hoping that one of you bike guru's out there can help.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.



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    Looking at some of the pictures out there, (specifically this one), the steerer might be able to take a conventional stem, so if that's the case her best bet is to buy a standard stem for training while you get the spacer couriered out to her. If you get it gone on Monday morning she ought to have it Tuesday I would have thought?
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