Genesis Equilibrium frame for racing?

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Hi all,

I am looking to get a road bike for around £1500. The Planet X Nanolight with SRAM Red stuff is on my shortlist - and I know it would be a good purchase, but...

I love the look of the Genesis Equilibrium steel frameset, and for the same moneys I would build it up with full SRAM Force kit - the weight would be around 17-18lbs which I'm guessing is a couple of pounds heavier than the nanolight.

My question is really about the geometry of the Genesis. Would I be put at a disadvantage race wise? Should I just get the Planet X instead? I've done a lot of internet research and can't any commentary or examples of this frame being used competitively.

PS I'm new to road racing and have done one cat 4 race so far, on my singlespeed Specialized Langster - which was banter but didn't go very well.




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    Can't really see the point of steel frames these days when their carbon fibre counterparts are available at similar price. Note, however, that the Equilibrium will take full length mudguards.
  • It's the classic looks which attract me to this frame. I'm leaning on the side of thinking it would make a fine racer.
  • go for the Planet X. RT Tester
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    The planet x handling will probably be sharper as there seems to be a quite a bit of rake in the Genesis's fork however if you really want the Genesis get it as you don't want to be regretting your purchase further down the line.
  • Good point, the fork has to be bought seperately from the frame so could go with something different... I keep deciding absolutely that I will get one of these, then an hour later change my mind to the other!
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    There is a certain culture amongst racing cyclists ... steel is definitely out.

    From a geometry point of view, I would not expect to see too much difference between the two frames.
  • What the weight of the Genesis F+F?

    I was thinking of a similar build to you but for cycling fitness / commuting being the primary use...

    Evans did have a deal on this frame and fork set (forks inc) but are now out of stock, as are many places.
  • I can't find out exacrtly how much it weighs but I have read that the frame and forks are about 6lbs total.
    You might like this though: ... me-builder
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    The Nanolight is a great bike, but it's very much a race bike (no room for Cruds even) so if this is your only bike then you might be better with the Genesis. Lets be honest, at lower level amateur racing a couple of pounds here and there is unlikely to make much difference. If you have another bike though and are looking purely for a race and Sunday best bike then I'd say get the Nanolight.

    Or if you're happy to build yourself you might want to take a look at the Chinese frames that you can buy direct that are available for much less than the Nanolight....
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    Forget rational analysis. The Genesis is absolutely gorgeous, looks like an old Colnago steelie. Mmmm 8)

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    Forget geometry and worry about the fact the frame alone is about a 1kg heavier, and probably more flexy, although the Planet-X is fairly cheese as well. For £1500 you can do better than either of these IMO.

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  • What other bikes for £1500 are we talking here? Focus Cayo?