Caad8 Caad9 comparison

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I have recently purchased a Caad9 Tiagra 52cm and it seems a little large for me even though I have added a 70mm stem
I am now considering a Caad8 fitted with 105
I guess this is a slight downgrade?
However if it fits better I am sure iit could be worth it?
Has anyone had any experience of both frames?
I would hate to buy it and be dissapointed
Am I right in thinking the Caad8 is now a compact frame?


  • unixnerd
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    One thing I have heard from a guy who went from an 8 to a 9 was that his 8 was more comfortable on bad roads and he regretted going to CAAD9.

    If it's any use as a point of reference I'm 5'6" and ride a CAAD5 54cm, very slightly too large for me so I put on a 90mm stem which worked a treat. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    How big are you? Are you long leg/short body/arms?

    It's worth getting a proper fitting, it can sometimes be due to your position on the bike (arms not bent enough and too upright is common).

    I've not had personal experience with either frame, but reports tend to suggest the Caad 9 is one of the best alu frames around, it would be a shame to downgrade.
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    FWIW my first major road bike purchase was a 2004 CAAD8.
    At 5' 10" with 31" inch inside leg I was sized up as a 54cm frame.
    6 years later I was sized up as a 56cm frame - Synapse (so both Cannondales)
    I probably sit somewhere in between - but just more use to the position now.
    Can ride both frames - no problem.
    But if in doubt it might be better to err on the small side?

    Still own the CAAD8 and still my favourite (and "best" ) bike.
    So if you do "down grade" you won't be disappointed.

    Never ridden a CAAD9 but never heard any bad reports either.
    But can't believe that there is that much difference - both great frames.

    Can you get to the local 'dale dealer and get "sized up"?

    My advice would be to stick to the aluminium frames rather carbon. Unless.......???
    But the top end 'dale carbon frames may be great but outside my price range
  • m00nd0g
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    I have short legs and a long torso
    Wonder if the bike can be made to fit, even at a price
    I am sure to go for a smaller frame would be far too aggressive
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    If, as you say, you have short legs & a long torso then bike size may be a little more difficult.

    A few years back I bought a secondhand Cannondale M800
    The previous owner was approx 2" shorter than me but I couldn't get onto the saddle
    and if I did I would have been unable to touch the pedals!
    Conversely he had fitted a very short stem - so a case of long legs / short torso.
    I dropped the seat (a good few inches) and ran that bike for over 8,500 miles.

    In your case you need to consider your maximum frame size for you.
    What is your bike-fit measurement - from seat to pedal?
    Then take away the crank length (172.5mm?) and an allowance for seat / seat-post
    And that leaves you with the maximum seatpost length -
    Then have a look at the Cannondale frame specs

    You'll then need to fit the best stem to suit you.
    Maybe with a little drop - otherwise the gap from seat to bars may be too shallow
    But this depends upon what you find comfortable.
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    No comparison- 9 is way way better - lighter, stiffer, more responsive, better than a lot of low-mid range cf frames. On the other hand they can sell caad8 with sh1t sora for £500 for a reason. I don't think the new Caad8's arequite the same quality as the older ones from pre-caad9 days by the way, just have the same name
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  • taimur
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    CAAD9 = arguably the best Alu race frame money can buy.
    Racey with aggressive geometry

    CAAD8 = lower cost budget frame
    comfort frame

    i dont own either, just quoting what i gathered researching them accross forums and reviews.

    i ended up buying the Cube Agree SL. at the Price it was either this Ultegra specced high end component bike or a tiagra equipped low spec Caad 9

    cube one for me
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    I've had both.

    CAAD8 - I'm talking pre-CAAD9 - one of the best alloy frames ever, stiff enough, compliant enough and as comfortable as carbon. IMHO a classic.

    CAAD9 - in comparison... too stiff, too uncomfortable and too expensive. I'd suggest that anyone who says the CAAD9 is one of the best alloy frames around, hasn't ridden enough bikes to tell the difference.

    If you can find a good CAAD8 R800 from about 2007 with 105 or a mix of 105 and Ultegra, buy it... especially the naked brushed finish one.
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  • chrishd883
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    Interesting comments....

    Ddn't realise that the latest (non US made ?) CAAD8 frames were so different from the older versions.

    As I've already said my R800 is from 2004 - made in the USA - and it's a fantastic frame.

    Never ridden the CAAD9 but the above comments are the first critiscism I've heard.

    The Synapse frame doesn't compare -
    But recently purchased a new (old stock) six13 frame
    Should find out this summer if this matches up to the CAAD8.