New rims & valve holes

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So, I got new wheels! Shiny custom build from Merlin with Hope hubs and Stans Arch rims etc.

After fitting the new rotors and the new XT cassette I moved on to putting the tubes on (thinking about trying tubeless now I have these rims but not yet :P)

Anyway, I find that the holes are smaller! I assume this means theyre for Presta valves? Or do they come drilled for tubeless valves if theyre different?


  • nicklouse
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    smaller is presta.
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  • phal44
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    Yeah I just wasn't sure if the tubeless valves were any different to regular presta valves? Since these are Stans rims I thought maybe they came ready for tubeless so I didn't want to get caught out by any weird little differences?

    The rims should be fine for presta valves I assume?
  • Northwind
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    Yup. You can also drill them out to take shraders but, well, don't.
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