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I have been looking at buying a canyon for my first road bike and i am torn between buying a ultimate AL and saving a little and buy a ultimate CF and maby a SLX,so my question is that is it worth paying 300£ more for a carbon frame.I have also tryed the canyon sizing program and it suggests a 60cm frame to me but i think it is quite big since i'm only 180cm and 87cm inseam.I have also heard that canyon has a sale when its the TdF,will it be this year too?I am only 15 years old and thats why i want to spend my money well since i have saved a while for a new bike.


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    Worth going to the carbon for extra stiffness, and comfort over long rides. If you're going to do serious miles this will soon add up over Alu.

    But TBH it's marginal savings in weight, and as a first road bike.

    The differences between Cf and CF SLX are marginal, and imo aren't worth the extra quids unless you do over 500miles a week... :P

    I'm looking at hte CF 8.0 as my next machine, though I'm also looking at a steel dawes too so maybe bipolar. But I'm on a alu boardman, and have done a sub hour 25, sub 23minute 10. The frame won't hamper speed as much as motivation or enjoyment for buying one you're not happy with...

    Pretty sure that made no sense... :P
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  • I have a Canyon F10, the preceeding model to the CF and it's a beaut to ride, stiff in all the right directions but not harsh over bumps and rough roads like some race frames are. Canyon Sizing is a bit odd - I'm riding what they describe as a 58 which acually measures as a 56.5, I'm 185 and about 83 inseam - I have the post high and a long stem because I like a racier position. Just be aware that the head tubes on canyon's are very high - this could be great for you as your first bike, it will be a bit more comfortable than something low and racy, but I had to cut down the top cap of my headset to get the front end low enough for my tastes. But overall, great frames at a good price.

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    cleeve hill reject,

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    If canyon suggests a 60cm frame to me wich is a little big when im only 180cm.Could i alos consider a 58 and 56 or a 62?