Thinking of an upgrade

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Got fulcrum 5 evolution's and I'm thinking of something a little lighter.Would the 3s be a massive upgrade,the fulcrum 3s I mean.I am about 13.5 stone at the moment so I think I would need a strong set of wheels,any thoughts?


  • CiB
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    I've got 3's and weigh about 14st at the min (yes I know...). Up until last week they hadn't missed a beat but a spoke popped on the front last Thursday.

    It was still rideable and did another 40 miles before I could source a spare. It's back to perfect again. Smooth as anything you can name that's smooth, front and rear both v true until the spoke incident. Now true again after I put the new spoke in. That's on about 6000 miles of commutes & sportifs.

    Not sure how they compare to 5's, but as wheels go they're pretty good.