Look 586 or something else.

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Not really sure what my final budget will be. But I need a new bike to replace my trashed Van Nicholas Vardar. I dont want a compact frame again.

I've been looking at the Huge selection of bikes in the LBS, and I'm pretty confident that I'd like to replace it with a Look 586.

Buit I'm aware that it might not suit me / my body shape ( 6ft tall, long legs )

So what else is out there at that price point I might like to consider. Cerevelo R3 looks good as an alternative. I'd like to stay away from Giant, Trek's, Specialised.

I dont want a Alu, Alu / Carbon or a Ti frame. I want a full carbon and I want a step up from the Van Nicholas that I was previously riding.

'd be interested in hearing from current owners of what I am considering as well.


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    LBS valued my trashed bike on like for like replacement at £2300, I could find another £1500 to top that up with.

    Not to fussed about having latest and greatest groupset. Would be happy with 105 as that what I've been using for along time with no drama's and has served me well.
  • I think for 4K you can do a lot better than 105. Or not, apparently :twisted: :D
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