Kysrium Elite or Shimano Ultegra Wheels

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Evening folks.

I've just treated myself to a spesh tarmac pro that came with some little used shimano ultegra 6600 wheels. I've sold my old bike but kept hold of the 2008 model kysrium elites that I bought from new a couple of years ago.

My choice is, put the elites on the spesh and sell the ultegras, or the opposite. Anyone out there with experience of the two wheelsets? Any advice would be appreciated.



  • Ciclicasati
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    A much of a muchness. Ride both and keep the ones you like riding most if you can tell them apart. If not, choose the ones that look best.
  • JohnnyAllez
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    Mavics IMO, I`ve got a pair and also a pair of Ult 6700 (different wheel I know) and the Mavics are noticeably stiffer and just seem to ride better.
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  • I'd keep the Mavics
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