Cube Agree PRO/ GTC PRO

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Not sure which to buy, im not in a position where i can try either of them. They both are mostly Ultegra but the alloy has Mavic Aksium wheels (which ive heard good things about) where the carbon has Easton EA30. (which i havent)
Thoughts, Opinions?
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  • mallorcajeff
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    My second bike is an agree pro in red and white with ultegra and i have to sday its fantastic in the 6 months ive had it ive not a single probelm and always been first class. On the other hand I bought a willier and have spent the thick end of 3k on it with carbon wheels and its constantly broken and one stop from the bin. Been back to the shop tonight and looks like wont have it for a while yet. something i never exp on the cube. a great bit of kit inb my opinion. did many 6-8 hour rides in great comfort coverign 80-100 miles with ease and ive only been cycling since aug last year. Im going to sell mine as i need to money to keep the wilier on the road bad idea i know and already regrettign it but too far commited to quit now! A great bike in my opinion. If your coming to mallorca you can try mine for a week if you like it take it home with you! ive got a 2010 with full ultgera and dtswiss wheels. I think the german quality shows up a lot of stuff and is very well specd up.