pompetamine or dolan precursa?

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new frame time - the current old steel frame is starting to crack inbetween the down tube lug and head tube so....

I am looking for a replacement that will be suitable for everyday commuting, should I get an alu track frame (which is the easiest to swap all the existing bits over) or do I get a pompetamine frame and rebuild the front wheel to run a disc brake? this bike will be used for commuting as I have a road bike and mountain bike and I'm not looking to spend a fortune

the pomp would be comfy and versatile and low maintenance with the disc, but the ali frame would be a bit more stylish and simpler to set up and quicker....

Which one would you go for ?? or is there something else I should consider? ?
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  • cougie
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    If its a flat commute - I'd go fixed. Less to buy, less to go wrong - and its 'different' from your other bikes.
  • edhornby
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    cougie - apologies, should have mentioned that I ride fixed at the moment. both frames have the ability to run the existing wheels
    "I get paid to make other people suffer on my wheel, how good is that"
    --Jens Voight
  • Mister W
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    Either option would give a very good commuting bike but I have disks on my commuting bike and they are much better for the purpose than rim brakes. I also like the Pompino frame so that's what I'd go for.