Cheap HRMs -- any thoughts?

jswba Posts: 491
edited March 2011 in Road buying advice
My Garmin FR50's bitten the dust. It's the second unit to go and I can't be bothered spending £25 with them just to get a refurbished model. I had a search through the forums here and there hasn't been a HRM thread in a while, so I'm wondering: anybody got any thoughts on a replacement? I don't want to spend too much (preferably under £50).

I was thinking of the Sigma Onyx Fit, which looks fairly good, or maybe the Onyx Easy to save a few quid. Anybody got any experience of them?

Had a look at the Garmin FR305, but it's a little out of my price range and after having two units that broke just over a year after I started using them I'm a little less keen to give Garmin another go.