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I currently have a Kryptonite series 4 bike lock; and have been lucky enough to get a lock thrown in with a bike I bought recently - an Abus 51/150. I'm trying to work out which is better - does anyone know?
Or know where I could compare them? I've been googlingfor a while now and not really getting anywhere.


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    Try a search on there under Kryptonite and Abus then look for the model. Every lock is rated bronze, silver or gold.
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    abus 51 - 13mm shackle

    kryptonite series 4 - 14mm shackle

    14mm ought to be a bit tougher than 13mm, but abus' shackle is reported to have superior steel to some larger shackles, so probably not much in it

    make sure you fill up the space inside the shackle to make it hard to get a jack in there

    if the bike is high value or left anywhere even slightly iffy or secluded enough to allow some scumbag a few minutes to work then i'd consider something chunkier

    if you can bear the weight, use both!

    this is a useful reference...


    this is entertaining, and also shows how unreliable security ratings are...

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    thanks guys.
    Sungod - I am currently carrying both but OMG is it heavy!!!