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I'm looking to replace/upgrade the chainset on my Audax and I seem to be the victim of the 10 speed compact conspiracy :?

The current chainset is Truvativ Elita, 52/42/30, 170mm, on a shimano square taper bb (I'm assuming english thread). The cranks look very worn and scruffy, the bottom bracket is getting to the point where it needs replacing and the rings are worn (though not badly). The front end has done 13k miles, so it owes me nothing.

Looking around I should be able to replace parts piecemeal. I can get rings (ultegra 6503 spares should fit) and a new bb, but cranks look to be pretty difficult.

If I want to move to an external bearing bb it looks like I'm limited to the Shimano Tiagra 4503, and even then I'll have to swap out the top 2 rings to get 52/42. Unless the newer 10 speed (last 2 years) 105/Ultegra/Dura Ace can be used with a 9 speed chain without losing shifting efficiency or incurring excessive wear?

Are there any other options? The FSA Gossamer Triple I think is mythical, and I've looked at Stronglight (look good for spares, if I stick with square taper), Specialites TA (can only find rings and some touring cranks, but without a spider(?)), Sugino, Samox and Truvativ (part of SRAM's anti triple empire).

Any suggestions for shops (with stock)/brands/models? Maybe unusual combinations of parts to get what I want? Anyone suggest a good LBS who could do this? A year ago, I wouldn't have needed to ask (my friend retired)

I should say at this point, I'm not interested in a compact for this bike. That would imply a whole new groupset, and round here I need a triple for my riding style and this bike. (I do have a compact, it's on a bike that weighs over 8lb less. So please let's not get into that debate.)

Would Campag work as a front end? Is there a 9 speed Campagnolo triple crank? And would it work with a 9 speed KMC or SRAM chain and a SRAM 9 speed cassette?



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    Have a look at Spa Cycles in Harrogate for the triple version of the Stronglight impact. I have the double compact and it works fine with a Campag groupset. Also Geoffrey Butlers in Croydon are selling a good range of Campag triple chainsets at reduced prices and suitable bb's to match (square taper...). Can't see that mixing Campag chainsets (or Stronglight) with other makes of mech would cause a problem as long as you don't mix 9 with 10 speed - having said which the Stronglight Impact chainset is marked as 10spd and I'm using it happily with an 8spd Chorus setup.
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    I must admit I thought chain rings were 9/10 speed compatible.

    I certainly run 10 speed with a Tiagra chainset on one of my bikes (a triple!) and it shifts perfectly.

    From your post I assume that you prefer 52/42 chainrings. I do too. I am not sure why Shimano have moved to a 39 tooth middle ring.
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    A quick search brings up this thread about 9 / 10 speed chain ring compatibility. ... 2f4956ca2f

    As one of the posts says, TA rings are 9/10 speed so there is next to no difference.
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    Spa Cycles has already been mentioned. Phone them. Or better still, pop in and see them. This is bread and butter to them
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    I have a brand new Shimano 105 Triple Chainset (52/42/30) and matching new BB. It is a 9 speed version and is Part No. FC-5503 and the BB is the Octalink splined style (Hollowtech 1?).

    Edit: Just checked, and it is 170mm crank arm length.

    Please PM me if you are interested and make me a sensible offer!

    Oh and I feel like I've been raped by an Orangutan :shock: And I've got legs like Girders :lol:
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    GB Cycles sell Campag Daytona, Chorus and Record triples & bottom brackets for reasonable money. Excellent quality.