Jamis Xenith for £1300 or Trek Madone 5.2 for £2700?

dimi Posts: 3
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I'm fairly new here but I do have a questions.

I have ridden through the winter with my good old Trek 1.2 and now I feel I deserve a better ride. I ride 90-110 miles a week, do the odd sportive, nothing competitive.
At work we've got Ride2Work, so I need to use Evans Cycles.

Here is my dilemma:
I really like the Jamis Xenith Comp, partly because of the good specs, the carbon frame and the wheels. The other reason is that when I started cycling, my first bike was a Jamis and I used to ride in a team that was sponsored by Jamis, so I've got a bit of a bias here.

The other contestant is the Trek Madone 5.2. It plays in a different league with it's frame, the inner cables, the Ultegra set and the wheels - and it's £1400 more expensive.

My dilemma is that buying the Trek would cripple me financially, so the sober decision would be the Jamis. Also, on my level, I don't think the difference between the groupsets would make a huge difference, I'm no Schleck/Contador/Gesink.
On the other hand, I buy bikes for many years and since that first Jamis, all my bikes were Treks... :)

Any views/opinions would be appreciated.