about to order hand builts, opinions on these....

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just been to see paul hewitt and told him my budget & use, general with sportives and lots of climbs, so strong but light.
recommended the following-
hubs- ultegra
dura ace -paul recommends
rims- dt 465
open pro -paul recommends
ambrosio excellight
spokes-dt double butt?
whats your opinions guys, any bad experience with any of these?
all replies appreciated b4 i part with my dough :D
total build with his recommends 481
never hurts your eyes to look on the bright side of life...


  • kfinlay
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    Not sure why you went to Paul when you don't seem to trust his advice!

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    kfinlay wrote:
    Not sure why you went to Paul when you don't seem to trust his advice!

  • Paul knows his stuff, asking on here will only give you a predicament!

    I had a pair of Ambrosio Excellight rims built up on Record hubs and DT Swiss d/butted spokes. Came in at roughly £450, but with everything going up in price etc etc.

    Anyway, a fantastic wheel, and I challenge anyone to buy a set of equal quality "off the shelf" at the same price range. Tough, but not uncomfortably so and they roll superbly. I love the noise of the Record hub ie there isn't one, it's silent! Ideal for some rough roads here in Cumbria. Not the lightest wheel, but the weight is worth sacrificing for the stiffness and strength of the rim. Ambrosio build the majority of rims you see in the cobbled classics, that says it all.

    I was struck between the Excellights and Open-pros, opted for the excellights simply because I prefered the look of them and you rarely see them around. And I didn't choose DT Swiss rims because they came in over my budget, otherwise they will haave taken some serious consideration. Likewise Tune hubs, which I doubt perform any better than Record despite the extra price.

    ps good to see somebody wanting a hand built set of wheels :wink:
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    Paul hewitt is one of the top builders in the country, can't think why you would expect any better advice than his on this forum. Buy with confidense.

    I doubt I'd buy a factory wheel ever again after my experiences of buying handbuilt, so much more satisfying getting a wheel built to my needs.
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    i trust him guys, he told me to consider the choices and i always gather opinions from here
    once ina...- thats what i was after, peoples experiences with the wheels, cheers
    what dya think the approx weight would be of build with dura ace hubs open pros & spokes, paul wasnt struck on giving me a weight, but i like numbers?
    i did like the look of the excellight, he said the majority of builds are open pros though, thats why he recommended them, its also a cheaper build with the pmp hubs
    never hurts your eyes to look on the bright side of life...
  • Because weight isn't the be all and end all. Surely you want a wheel that is strong, will last and will roll well than a lightweight wheel that could flex and isn't as strong? Every spoke is fitted to every last detail to ensure you get an excellent wheel that 'feels' right. Forget figures, enjoy the wheel and revel in the fact you have a piece of quality, not just another off the peg wheel from Wiggle (for example) that is 300g lighter.
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    once ina- def want the strength & quality, your right, i am an info fiend, just wanted a lighter wheel than my racing 5s, thanks for advice and a nudge in right direction [/quote]
    never hurts your eyes to look on the bright side of life...
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    Have a word with wheelsmith, and you'll get Excellights + pmp for a similar price.

    Oh and open pro rims explode;
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    think the excellights will be 40 more and the pmp 30 less, giant mancp- cheers will be paying cash tho and hweitts is 30 min from ours, so thats where i will be going, cheers anyway, how would you rate pmp to dura ace?
    i think any rim of any make can go at anytime if it aint looked after or is worn out or your just plain outa luck, like the look of these handbuilts tho 4 sure, prob gona drop deposit in on fri, after i have decided on my combo
    never hurts your eyes to look on the bright side of life...
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    I don't know DA hubs gotta say, I would go for the Excellights personally but that's just me. Paul does build good wheels, my set he built me years ago are still as good as new.
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    I have both PMP and Dura ace hubs. They are both very good hubs and you can't really go wrong with either. Paul Hewitt built me a set with PMP hubs which have been absolutely fine.

    One practical consideration is that for the PMP rear hub you get a hub specific tightening ring for the cassette, so make sure you get the tool if you envisage swapping around cassettes at all.
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    thanks for all constructive opinions guys, just what i was after, cheers, cant wait to order them now :D
    never hurts your eyes to look on the bright side of life...
  • +1 for wheelsmith.

    I have a set of openpro with ultegra hubs built by Hewitts and also a set of excellight with ultegra hubs built by wheelsmith.

    The service was much better at wheelsmith and the price a bit cheaper.

    The Hewitt wheels were much more susceptible to buckling in the first year of life I was a bit disappointed to be honest, although they've settled down now. Not questioning Paul's expertise, but he doesn't built them all himself!

    The wheelsmith ones have been great. Both good wheels but I like the look of the excellight better.