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I'm in need of a new helmet and saw the POC TREBEC RACE 2011 on chainreaction .com. would this helmet be ok for fitness road rides of about 40 - 50 km, As it says it for single track race, does it really matter, as i think the helmet looks really cool, and you think it would be safey as it covers more of you head. any advice is welcomed.

cheers darren from ireland.
http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Imag ... 1369-1.jpg


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    Darren - I have 2 reservations on that helmet.

    1. The peak may obscure your vision. Fine on an upright MTB, but on a road bike - you may find you need to tilt your head up to see up the road. It depends on how peaky the helmet is.
    2. Comfort and fit is paramount for helmets. I've tried on plenty that I wanted to buy but just werent comfy. You really need to try them on in the shop.

    Other than that - its a funky helmet.
  • It is gonna be too, too hot!
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