Boardman Pro Carbon 2010 vs 2011

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Looking to upgrade to a quick carbon bike. Have my eye on a boardman pro carbon but cant decide if i should get the 2011 model costing £1799 or the 2010 model costing £1279.

Its obviously a new aero frame but the spec says the new model weighs more. And im not sure if Ultergra is an upgrade from the SRAM force? Do you think the new model is worth the extra money?


2010: ... 65710#dtab

Thanks in advance


  • dru
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    I'll stick my neck out and say not worth the £500 differences in the prices.

    Some say that SRAM Force is better than Ultregra etc - I think it's best to just say both are good peices of kit :)

    Depends upon if you are someone who's got to have the latest thing - or someone who's smart with their money that will either allow for other upgrades, cycling kit , a holiday etc etc :)

    Also, as the colour schemes are a bit different, it also depends upon which one you like the look of more :)
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    Went to look at the new model in Halfords last night, but they only had the 2010 model in. Apparently they have to sell of the 2010 model before selling the 2011.

    I'm not a massive bike snob so no problem having last years model as long as its a good piece of kit. Just want a racy fast frame, with the best components i can afford. Black, White, silver.

    Would you think the frame is going to be a big improvement over last years?

    Was leaning towards the 2010 model as it gives me extra ££ to spend on new wheels in the future. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out anything import.
  • dru
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    The biggest part seems to be the 'aero frame'

    this would not make a big difference overall and infact the frontal cross section is only 10% or somethnig compared with the 90% frontage of the rider etc... so if it where me - I'd go for the 2010 model and save some monet for other bits and pieces.

    Also, Halfords used to do extra discount for production of a student card - so just check to see if it's cheaper online or in the shops.
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    id buy 2010.
  • Bar Shaker
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    The 2010 is a steal at that price.

    The Pro has the exact same frame that Nicole won her Bejing gold on so it oozes heritage. Her bike was the £3.2k Race Prepared version, with Zipps and Red but the exact same frame.

    I personally think that going away from SRAM is a mistake for Boardman.

    Full Force, Ritchey WCS wheels and only 7.3kg? I doubt Halfords will sell many 2011 Team Carbons until these are all gone, with these being £20 cheaper.
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    If you sign up to Halfords email list, you get another 10% off :shock: ... yId_201501
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  • Tasty soup what did you go for in the end?
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    Test ride them both and then decide.

    Oh, course they wont let you do that. :shock: