German carbon bikes - any opnions?

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Hi all,

I'm looking at spending around £1500 or so on my first carbon bike. I'm a big, heavy chap and I'm not that quick, but I'm keen and I think a better bike would help my development this summer.

After looking at the Planet X and Ribble far eastern jobs (which are nice, don't get me wrong) I thought I'd settled on Wiggle's Focus Cayo 2.0 which appears to have everything I want on it: compact (FSA) chainset; 11-28 cassette, Ultegra Groupset, blah-de-blah. So, just before I press the buy button on Wiggle, I noticed they're waiting for stock, so I decided to wait too. Then this month's Cycling Plus turns up with their "Bike of the Year" feature. In there is the rather gorgeous looking Rose Pro SL. So I start looking at Rose Bikes ... Basically, I can get a Rose with all the same kit including an Ultegra Chainset (and a little bit better finishing kit) for £150 more than the Cayo.

Questions then:
The only thing the Cayo has that the Rose doesn't is a BB30, where the Rose is Press Fit. Does this matter?
Which of these two (the Rose or the Focus) do you think is better?
Would I be happier forgetting the Germans and going for a Ribble (e.g. a Stealth or a Sportive Bianco)?
Or something else?

Thanks ever so!


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    Are they really made in Germany ? I'd have thought they were prob made in the same factories as the PX etc.

    Any of the bikes you've mentioned would do the job well I reckon. if you are heavy though - I'd maybe do something like Ribble or PX and get them to build up some sturdy wheels for you.
  • Thanks Cougie - good advice.

    I forgot to mention that the Rose has DT's R1500 wheels too for that price. (£1650 ish)

    All bikes in Carbon at this price will be taiwanese.

    "Bikes made in Germany" means that a german factory put together stuff from the far east.

    If you are worried go into a bike shop and discuss it with those who know what will take your weight.
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    What about Storck? Aren't they made in Germany rather than the far east? ... bjekt=Home - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    I don't care!! They can make good stuff too, I suspect.

    Thanks for the advice about going into a bike shop - I'm not worried; I'm just canvassing opinion!

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    Canyon my friend. :D

    I don't care!! They can make good stuff too, I suspect.

    Thanks for the advice about going into a bike shop - I'm not worried; I'm just canvassing opinion!


    Agree it just gets my goat when the marketing gurus con everyone with lies as to origin. Frames are meant to carry where they are made on a sticker but most Italian brands seem to forget this law
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    my focus cayo is very good
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    I don't think the OP really *cares* where they're made, he's talking about the brands temselves being German, which they are - he's not making value judgements either way so if all the "OMG all frames are made in taiwan you snobs" anti-snobs could just put it on pause for a sec...

    Cube and Canyon are 2 German companies I'm more familiar with, been watching their work, looking at their numbers, looking at the tests in the French mags in and Tour and they really look like bargains. Don't forget if you have a racing license look in Canyon's "sponsorship" link for 30% reduction. Canton's newish areo frame really is the business and I'm a gnat's hair away from getting one once my 2011 BCF card comes through (even tho my # won't change I want to fax them the 2011 license). The Ultimate SL is pretty amazing and obviously taught Cervelo a thing or two.

    Focus is very popular and the Cayo in 2008 was what the Boardman team was in 2010 - a very popular racey-type bike that many people bought.

    If you ride in Mallorca you see tons and I mean tons of these things. I test rode a Focus Milran team edition 2009 bike with Sram Red on it for two 150km rides and iit was decent. Not stunning but very capable. They also like Musing, Simplon, Red Bull, etc.
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