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Dear bikeradar,

Im about to buy a Garmin Edge 705 to use as a training partner (i have no friends) and as a Tomtom for my bike. I will never be using it outside the UK and dont tend to go off road with it!

Is there anything i should be aware of! The main reason is to guide me from Cheshire to Angelesy avoiding the A55 + M6, will i need to buy any new maps or anything simila ?



  • JohnnyAllez
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    You`ll need some form of mapping, the base map is only very basic, ie very main roads and motorways :cry: Budget for getting Garmin "City Navigator NT" maps on disc if I were you. You`ll see it advertised on SD card, BUT, if you get it this way you can`t use the maps on your PC to plan routes etc using Mapsource route-planner program. If you get it on disc then you can load it directly onto the PC and use it as well as on your 705 :)
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    True - but if you buy it on disc, it will be locked to that unit and that unit only. When or if you change your GPS, you'll need to buy new maps. you don't need the maps on your PC for planning purposes. There are loads of free online mapping tools, which are far better than Garmin mapsource
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    Rickwiggins has it bang on, I have 'upgraded' to an 800 from a 705 and my micro sd card with city navigator from my 705 slots right into the 800. Bikeroutoaster allows me to plan my route and upload it straight to my garmin... Job done