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As my second TT season approaches I'm considering getting myself a TT lid. At the moment I'm leaning towards a Las - anyone else have any suggestions of good helmets (or bad ones to stay away from)?


  • danowat
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    I use a Giro advantage, seems fine to me :D
  • sub55
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  • hopper1
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    I'm using a Bell Meteor II... No issues so far...
    Do like that Guru, though :roll:
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  • sub55
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    I`m sure the bell and the giro are perfectly sound lids, the problem is 75% of the field are wearing one, so they`re as common as muck.
    I went for the spuick ,which is comfortable around the years, not to tight and not quite as common.
    Though i posted a picture of the guru above , i dont own one . So cant comment on it really. but it does look nice and i quite like the idea of the in built rear light. Also its a fairing ,not a safety helmet.
    constantly reavalueating the situation and altering the perceived parameters accordingly
  • SBezza
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    Get one that fits you properly, and one that fits you body shape the best. Now ideally that would mean trying them on, but as you are probably aware not many shops have a good selection of helmets for you to try on.

    I used to use a Bell, but now use a Kask, which is a better fit both on my head and how it fits my back.
  • cougie
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    I did think of getting one for a triathlon last year and tried a few on for fit at the Expo. Hated the feel of them all and went for my normal road helmet. I think I made the right decision as it was a hot and long bike.
  • Slimbods
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    I use the Rudy Wingspan. Suits me because the 'tail' is short so I'm not sticking a big block out if my form isn't so good.

    Got nice vent options too, with a little front hatch you can open up for long TT's.
  • Chip \'oyler
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    sub55 wrote:

    Nice as it is isn't that just a 'fairing' and not an actual 'safety' helmet?

    FWIW I use a Bell Meteor II and find it very good.
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  • Pokerface
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    Just bought a Catlike Chrono with a visor. Had used Giro in the past.

    No scientific data but the Catlike seems to be improving my speed fractionally (maybe the visor helps as no wind gets inside the helmet?)

    Anyway, comfy and looks cool and the price wasn't too bad.