Vittoria Open corsa cx's

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So, just got some open corsas, currently running rigid rubino pros, fairly robust cheap tyre, I got the corsas mainly for racing but it seems a waste to only use a pair of 80 squid tyres for racing, will they be ok to train on in the warmer spring and summer months or as many reviews state will they just fall apart at the sight of a bit of gravel?



  • rokkala
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    They will be fine.

    Didn't get one puncture on them from March to October last year, when I finally got a flat it was once i'd put them on commuter bike and the rear tread was worn through.
  • Monty Dog
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    The tyres are designed and performance and grip, therefore the compromise is their durability and puncture-resistance. They should be fine for training provided you steer clear of rough roads, gravel and particularly broken glass or flints.
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  • Bozman
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    Top rubber, changed from 4000s at the beginning of last year, i wasn't expecting to notice a difference but i was that impressed i now put them on all wheels and use them all year round without a problem.
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  • northpole
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    The p fairies visited me twice last weekend on a Dorset sportive riding on open corsa's. They feel like a very lightweight tyre - the only ones I have experienced so far which I can easily pop on without levers. They are beaut when the going is good but my conclusion is too lightweight for this time of year when the gravel and flint gremlins are out hunting. I'm swapping them for open pave's this weekend and if that fails it'll be conti 4000's.