Sinsbury's Velomann Workstand

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Anyone using the Sainsburys velomann workstand £59.99. Any reports? ... 4294966784


  • arlowood
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    Hi there

    Just did a quick search and found some reviews on Amazon that were not too compimrntary.

    Might be a better bet to opt for a slightly more expensive stand that has been reviewed a bit more favourably eg ... 622&sr=1-2
  • navrig
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    The Raleigh one looks like the Ribble one and the Edin bike coop one. Good value and works well. Cheaper from Ribble.
  • giant_man
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    There's two or three out there which are the same thing ie.Lifeline, Edin bike co-op and the one from Ribble. Only real difference is the clamp imo.
  • Butterd2
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    Get the Ribble one, cheaper and better.
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  • gwillis
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    My ribble stand arrived today and indeed it's made by raleigh , it's very sturdy and seems good value