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Need some advice on calming the kick on my Anthems tail when hitting a jump. We aren't talking DJ or DH style here, just coming out of bomb hole or a small jump on the trail.

Basically, as I go over, pull the front up, fine. As the rear wheel comes off the jump i will get the tail kick up and scare the shit out of me.

Sag is around correct, rebound is roughly in the middle (on RP2) and the rear wheel tracks well over all terrain apart from jumps, any idea what might be wrong?



  • supersonic
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    Try more rebound damping.
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    supersonic wrote:
    Try more rebound damping.
    Scratch that, it's probably more about your riding style. Are you compressing the rear too much? Are you allowing the bike to come up under you, or letting it push you up?

    Your legs should be straight when the bike leaves the lip, and then start flexing to allow the bike's rear end to come up under you.

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    Hehe, it was just that he mentioned every adjustment bar rebound, might be worth having an experiment. EDIT - it does mention rebound now!
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    yes I said compression, which i actually meant rebound, my bad!

    It might be a bit of both, my MTB technique isnt too good, and I tend to get nervous at jumps, maybe I should spend some time doing them to get confident at them.

    When you say "more" rebound, is that faster or slower?
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    More rebound damping = slower. But really, it sounds like technique, particularly if your rebound is already set half way.
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    slower, Practice and practice some more!
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    VWsurfbum wrote:
    slower, Practice and practice some more!

    ^^^ This

    I've been hitting the jumps at Cwmcarn on the balck for months and months riding on my own and have been all over the place; scared to get air. I've recently started riding with a good bunch and as you tend to in a big group I've slowed the pace a little. The difference is suprising. Hitting the jumps at a few mph less gives so much more control, time to set yourself up etc etc. In slower = better jumping.

    Thats my experience
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    Eyon wrote:
    pull the front up, fine. As the rear wheel comes off the jump i will get the tail kick up and scare the shoot out of me.
    that's your problem, you need to pump into the face of the jump. So you need to push forward and down through the bars. So the front goes the opposite way, up. So the tail isn't 'kicking' up, instead, the front is just rolling over and so is the back so when the front lands, with the angle too. It pushes you over the bars. By pumping, the front gains extra height so you land flat.You can also pump down bombholes to gain free speed.