Squeeky sound when turning forks.

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I have noticed when cleaning my bike and moving the front forks from side to side that there is a sqeeky/grinding type noise occuring. The bike is a Giant Defy 2 and i do 100+ miles per week, the bike is 7 months old.

Any ideas? Or do i need to give more information?



  • Sounds like you need to strip, clean and re grease your headset.
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  • pastey_boy
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    another culprit can be cable ferrules in the stops.
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  • pastey_boy wrote:
    another culprit can be cable ferrules in the stops.

    First of heard of this, please could you explain? :)
  • On my SCR I had a similar noise caused by the gear cable ferrules where they go into the stops on the downtube. A drop of oil on each ferrule fixed it.You can see the cables moving as you turn the bars.
    If it still makes a noise it may be headset as mentioned before.

    Hope this helps, Rich.