Light & Motion Battery problem

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I have got an old (2years) Light and Motion li-ion battery.

The headset failed recently and I got L&M to offer me discount for a Sec700 - which I took.

However, now my battery appears dead too! When I put it in charger the green lights come on as if it's charged. But the light won't work - I know the light's OK as I have friend with another battery.

Any idea if I can fix this?



  • derosa
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    Does your charger work OK with your mate's battery?
    Could be the charger at fault and not the battery.

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  • I tried charging my battery on mate's charger - but no joy - so it is the battery.
  • amaferanga
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    Could be a dodgy connection between the charger and the battery, on the battery connector I guess.
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