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New member looking for a new bike £300-500

DtpHazzyDtpHazzy Posts: 17
edited February 2011 in MTB buying advice

Im looking for a new hardtail for upto £500 maybe push a little more.
I used to ride a Zaskar GT that my stepdad left me, but it was recently stolen so looking to get something new.
Its main use would be for field riding and trails, but also as i live nearish the quantocks looking for a bike that can handle some downhill with comfort and grace. Been reading loads of reviews on this site, but all the ones in my price range that ive set my mind on are no longer available due to age.
Can any of you give any suggestions on either a full bike for that price, or frame and parts that i could amount for that sort of money.

Cheers Guys


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