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Tell the mother in law her daughter takes it in the wrongun?

pilsburypiepilsburypie Posts: 891
edited March 2011 in The Crudcatcher
Need to tell someone - I have heart palpitations and have come over in a hot prickly sweat......

My wife is 12 weeks pregnant - good news. The whole family has been aware for some time. No probs. Today, I found out my good mate Will and his wife are also expecting so I thought I'd send him a congratulatory text as follows:

"Great news mate, now we can get back to normal with the wives and kick their back doors in!"

This was meant as harmless crude bloke banter. Unfortunately my mother in laws name is Viv....... Next to Will in my phone contact list. Not paying attention the obvious happened.

My misses thinks it is funny and says she won't take it too bad.... but heegh, I aint looking forward to next weekend when we go for dinner. :oops:


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