Touring on a Cross Bike

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Hi Guys,

Not sure if this quite the correct forum to be posting on but i'll put it out there for you too.

I'm going touring in the summer to the Pyrennes and Alps and was going to use my cross bike. The only problem i see at the moment is that I don't have eyelets at the base of the chain stays. Can you get those plastic coated clips for both pannier connection at the top and base of the chainstay or do you have to bolt the ones on at the base?

Also i'm think that my center-pull canti brakes will be getting in the way of the pannier rack. Do you know if you can fit a rack around center-pull brakes or will i have to swap them for a normal road caliper brake. There's a bolt hole in there for a caliper brake though i suspect it will have to be a special long reach brake. Is there such a thing?



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    Most touring bikes have cantilever brakes. You can usually route the rack stays around the cantilever straddle wire but it can be difficult. You can get seatpost clamps with built-in rack eyelets as an alternative.
    P-clamps dont work well with carbon frames.