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Hatchback Boot Bike Racks

ollie_lucas1985ollie_lucas1985 Posts: 325
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I had a search on the forum and didnt find a great deal of info so trying to gather some opinions..

I'm looking for a bike rack for my lil car and wondering if anyone had any recomendations and or experence on them.

Car: Toyota Starlet (JPN) 1995, Hatchback, Std Spoiler
Bikes: Only really want to carry 2 bikes max however may posisbly be 3.

My only concern is the car is a little bumpy and would require lots of support for the bikes.

I have had a look at this "Thule ClipOn 3 Bike Rear Mount Carrier 9103 - ... r-ec017949"

However on some sites it says "May not fit cars with boot spoilers"

And before anyone says no my cars not pimped and the spoiler is standard like this..

Anyone have the above or can suggest any others?


  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    The saris bones is normally recommended. I've never used one myself though.

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  • Oh good call - These look mighty good, the price is a little high but It does have a lifetime warrenty!
  • R0B75R0B75 Posts: 376
    Your car looks like mine (Seat Ibiza) with a boot spoiler and I use the halfords High Mount bike rack. I think I paid £60 for mine 2 years ago and its never let me down or done any damage to my car or bikes (I have put some extra padding round bits of the frame as I'm paranoid). The high mount ones also don't require any additional things like a lighting board/number plate. It's plenty strong enough for 2 hefty full sussers with room for a small childs bike too. I wouldn't risk 3 adult bikes on it (or any strap mount car rack) though. ... yId_165477
  • FunBusFunBus Posts: 394
    The Halfords High Mount is similar to several offerings from different brands. I'd recommend it over the Thule clip on rack as they use straps, rather than metal bars. Some people swear by the clip on model, but i dont like the lack of adjustment - i'd prefer straps any day - plus they'll go over your spoiler.

    If you ever swap cars, you can use the same rack as well, whereas with the Thule, chances are you'll need new clips.....and what happens if Thule stop making them??

    High mount, strap version, or Bones anyday
  • I found this post

    This looks like the thing that will sort me out, completly forgot about the lights etc

    My spiler is slightly away from the car so there is enough room to get cables etc underneath it - Now i just need to decide on Thule or Halfords..
  • andy46andy46 Posts: 1,666
    the halfords rack looks good enough, although i use a saris bones. Quality piece of kit.
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