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Carbon Handlebar Damage Opinion on Condition

s_walker9s_walker9 Posts: 22
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Long story but fell of my bike today and subsequently damaged my 3T Ergonova Handlebars, see pictures below.

Can anyone offer an opinion as to if you think these will be ok or need replacing?

It appears that the top layer (surface veneer?) has bee scratched.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sam ... C05673.jpg ... C05677.jpg ... C05675.jpg


  • That wouldn't be reason enough for me to scrap them. However, if carbon is going to fail, it can do so pretty suddenly.

    But I am not you. I am a pretty light guy and most of my cycling is fairly sedate and of the recreational type. If you are a well built guy with broad shoulders and regularly put force through your bars, then I would be more inclined to scrap them.

    Did you put the bar tape on? Most people would wrap insulation tape around the bar/cables before putting on the bar tape.
  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    Hard to tell from the pics - in truth you have the bars there so have a better idea of how safe they are. If it were me if it was just a scrape then I'd ride them, if there were any cracks or if the shape of the bars was in any way deformed then I wouldn't. From what I can see I think I'd carry on riding them but the last pic it's not clear if the damage is just scuffing or something more.

    Obviously take all the bar tape off and maybe take them out of the stem and have a good look for damage before retaping too.

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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Manufacturer's / shop's line would always be to replace. I would check for damage near the stem as that's the point of greatest stress concentration - as it's the lower portion, I'd probably live with it - but only you know how hard they hit the ground i.e. whether it was it was a sliding scrape or an impact.
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  • i will do.

    i didnt hit the ground with too much force, it was the bike slid from underneath me as i hit a bit of gravel at the side of the road, hence this is more of a graze (i hope)

    yeah i had insulation tape on them, not around the whole bar before wrapping with bar tape. is there a good reason why i should do this? i was under the impression to apply in sections around the cables and bars would be sufficient.

    i weigh 69kgs so not a great deal.

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