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Tow bar mounted bike rack

Vally7Vally7 Posts: 120
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Can anyone recommend a good tow bar mounted bike rack that will fit on a 4x4 with a rear wheel, attaches quickly, folds down fairly small and comes with whatever clips etc it needs so no additional accessories are needed.

4x4 is Honda CRV if that makes any difference.




  • covelovecovelove Posts: 209
    not sure about the wheel at the back as it sticks out a bit however I have one of these ... yId_165515

    Because it is a 3 bike carrier you should be able to put two bikes on leaving a space for spare wheel clearance
    I would avoid any of the fancy euro bike fittings with the funny up and over arm, they cost a whole lot more and dont really fit all bike frames. also be aware of mont blanc racks which say they take ALL tyre widths, they dont!
    does my tail look hard in this?

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  • d3mattd3matt Posts: 510
    Thule towbar bike carriers are very good and good value for money.
    I've had this one for years. It was very cheap and is built well. Even tilts down to allow you to open the hatch/boot when bikes are fitted on it.

    The styling has changed now. But they do a 3 or 4 bike version.
    So many racks seem to allow the bikes to rub against each other. Mine doesn't.

    Riding this Boardman Team FS 2010. Also trying my first blog.
  • I have an Atera Strada that attaches to the towbar and although I have a Passat estate with no rear wheel, it does fold down very small and fits in the rear of it without having to fold the rear seats down.

    A thought though - even though it locks on I always remove it when we/I are out on the bikes but that might be overkill on my part - am I alone in this?
  • I have a Honda CRV with Pendle bars. The bracket stays permanently on the tow bar ball and the bars are on and off in a flash. You have to get the right set of bars for your particular model though. I get four adult's bikes on them easily incidentally.
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