Tyre width advice

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Just wondering. Me and road tyres are not the closest of friends. I converted to tubs from 27" tyres to race in 81 and never had a clincher wheel unitl a cuple of years ago. And that was a cross bike. My old Raleigh is now running either some knackered Panaracer 28mm or some 23mm Swalbe luganos. (cheap ) Thats pretty well the limit of my experience. I want something modern for my Cotic X. It currently runs 38mm near slick Conti's at the moment which are great for winter and back roads but I fancy something fast. Dunno about size really . I suspect 23's might be a touch skinny and I like the cushioning of the 38's. What do people suggest? Do big tyres run better? At what point does this stop happening?
Your suggestions for either size or exact tyre would be interesting. Not paying 40 quid a tyre and would prefer half that or a bit more. .


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    In general, larger diameter tyres roll with less resistance, but narrower tyres are generally more delicately constructed, for low RR at the expense of durability. Tyre width is only one variable factor in tyre design, which includes casing thickness, tread thickness, and tread features or pattern.

    That said, slick tyres of 25/28/32 mm diameter, with high-tpi casings, are about ideal for all types of road riding, in my judgment. That's the sweet spot for low RR, road grip and comfort. Fit the biggest your bike will accept, that you can find. Quality slick tyres are sadly not common above 30mm, but at 25/28mm you have plenty to choose from.